STEM Greetings Cards


I have designed a new range of greetings cards inspired by my papercut exhibition ‘Why are Carrots Orange?’ It was a challenge to simplify the elements from the original framed artwork and focus on the characters. I wanted to show the texture and micro shadows coming from the scanned paper and combine a handcrafted style with graphic shapes.  It’s a joy to evolve these little characters and promote Science, Technology Engineering and Maths.


New Card Designs

I have designed a new card this season in two colours. The cards message is ‘Don’t Give Up’ and the bunny is pulling on a Giant Radish / Beetroot. I have been developing my style with bold splashes of colour and black lines.  I am inspired by retro comics with speech bubbles and love playing with composition.


Composition sketches


I am working on new autumn bunny prints with my favourite character 🙂 I love the design process and have been quickly sketching up some ideas that spring to mind. I will continue roughly sketching compositions until I can see 5 of the best ideas to develop for the final illustration . Watch this space






I’ve been learning about pigment lately and the science behind how colours are made. We live in a world full of colour and there are some amazing colours out there. Some of which we can see and possibly cannot see. Blue is a special pigment and can be found in rocks. It’s one of my favourite colours to paint with in the spectrum. Theres a great podcast about colour on radio lab. The link is 🙂

Printing in Bristol

Printing Locally

Bristol is great for printing and producing design work of all kinds. I work with a local printer just off vibrant Gloucester Rd , which has been printing since the 1830’s.  They are a family- run business that still print for one of Bristols oldest theatres The Old Vic 🙂 

It was interesting to see today, behind the scenes at the printing studios, where my work is digitally printed.