STEM Greetings Cards


I have designed a new range of greetings cards inspired by my papercut exhibition ‘Why are Carrots Orange?’ It was a challenge to simplify the elements from the original framed artwork and focus on the characters. I wanted to show the texture and micro shadows coming from the scanned paper and combine a handcrafted style with graphic shapes.  It’s a joy to evolve these little characters and promote Science, Technology Engineering and Maths.


New Card Designs

I have designed a new card this season in two colours. The cards message is ‘Don’t Give Up’ and the bunny is pulling on a Giant Radish / Beetroot. I have been developing my style with bold splashes of colour and black lines.  I am inspired by retro comics with speech bubbles and love playing with composition.


Composition sketches


I am working on new autumn bunny prints with my favourite character 🙂 I love the design process and have been quickly sketching up some ideas that spring to mind. I will continue roughly sketching compositions until I can see 5 of the best ideas to develop for the final illustration . Watch this space






I’ve been learning about pigment lately and the science behind how colours are made. We live in a world full of colour and there are some amazing colours out there. Some of which we can see and possibly cannot see. Blue is a special pigment and can be found in rocks. It’s one of my favourite colours to paint with in the spectrum. Theres a great podcast about colour on radio lab. The link is 🙂

Printing in Bristol

Printing Locally

Bristol is great for printing and producing design work of all kinds. I work with a local printer just off vibrant Gloucester Rd , which has been printing since the 1830’s.  They are a family- run business that still print for one of Bristols oldest theatres The Old Vic 🙂 

It was interesting to see today, behind the scenes at the printing studios, where my work is digitally printed.

My lovely desk

Introducing my collection

Today I have been reviewing all my new designs back from the printers. There are 21 altogether and there are micro collections within the range. Each character I’ve designed has its own special colour palette and matching envelopes.

It is just wonderful to feel the quality of the real paper and see the real product away from the screen.

The alcove of shelves couldn’t fit all my books stacked together, but I thought it made a cool display unit for my greetings cards! I’ve showcased some of the designs already. When I move flat, I’m sure I will miss this new discovery. 🙂


Welcome to my blog

My favourite Novella

Hi everyone! I finally got around to starting my own blog and I am very excited to share my current work and ideas with you.  The illustration above is from a french book that I just love and find inspiring.  It’s called The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. The drawings are just beautiful and simply magical. The story is just as beautiful and reminds us that ″All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.”  I am so glad I have discovered this little book.  Absolutely one of my favourite gifts xx.